Critical ideas require discussion.

What is H+TV?

H+TV is a thinking experience on the science, technology and design of future humans. The premise is that critical ideas require discussion. In today’s fast-paced, wiki notes environment there is a tendency to marginalize historical links to current trends in information.

The core of this project is to uncover trends that often appear unclear or even baffling. For example, what are the differences between a cyborg and a transhuman? Is uploading the same technological supposition as whole brain emulation? Is life extension biological and life expansion computational? What are the difference between nanotechnology and molecular manufacturing; artificial intelligence and artificial general intelligence; regenerative medicine and stem cell cloning?

H+TV’s aims to delineate some of these ideas and to further inquiry into the criteria for bioethicists and ethicists in determining policymaking and regulations—are they driving by a personal agenda or are all sides of the issues included? Who is to judge how long we live? What is human enhancement and is there a distinction between therapeutic vs. selective enhancements? Can the brain be copied? If so, where is our identity—what Aristotle refers to as the psyche? Is there a new spirituality that includes these ideas, or are traditional religions including some of these ideas to keep up with the times?

H+TV’s six episodes focus on transdisciplinary topics, ranging from far-reaching ideas to ethical concerns about future humans. These include human enhancement and body design, human evolution, ethics/bioethics, myths of immortality and radical life extension, contested cultures, and the technological singularity.

The Online discussion and debate tackles the social currency of these ideas and advance new insights and alternative ways of approaching the issues. In doing so, I hope to offer well-rounded discourse on science, technology, philosophy, and theory, and the historical links and deep-seeded knowledge about humans, culture and how change affects the very core areas of our lives.


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